John McQuaker
Senior Partner
John McQuaker, Senior Associate

John is a Senior Partner in our Toronto office. He brings his expertise to executive level searches in performing arts management and the cultural sector in general.

Before joining Searchlight, John had an extensive career in broadcast journalism and digital and broadcast management with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and other broadcasters. As well as extensive contacts in the Canadian broadcast industry, John has a deep knowledge of the performing arts organization sector.

Originally from Winnipeg, John was educated at the University of Manitoba. He began his career in private radio in Winnipeg, and then became a TV News Reporter and Executive Producer of News with the CBC, before moving into TV Station, and Operations Management. He was the first Director of Operations for what is now CBC News Network (formerly Newsworld). In 2001, he was instrumental in the launch of 3 new digital channels at Stornoway Communications.

John is familiar with much of Canada, having lived and worked in Calgary and Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, and St John's.

He has traveled through much of Europe and the United States, and parts of the Mid-East.

Through his many years of management, John understands the importance of finding the right person for the role to meet the client's long-term goals.